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Good English enables children to express themselves with creativity, imagination and confidence.
Employers and academic institutions almost always look for a C grade or above in English at GCSE level, but for many students, this takes a lot of work. Spoken by 300 million people, the official language of 53 countries and the de facto language of both the internet and science, it’s clear that English is essential to succeeding in the modern world.

Michael Drayton – Effective private tuition for your children

Whether your child needs to improve their English to reach a grade C or they need to be pushed to get a higher grade in their exams, private English tuition is an answer proven to work. As a private English tutor, I can give your child the attention needed to ensure they fully understand the broad range of English topics and concepts to support and enhance their schoolwork.

Will my child benefit from English tutoring?

Children will really see an improvement from private English tuition, especially if they’re:
• Falling behind in class
• Find their homework difficult
• Experiencing declining grades
• Avoiding their homework, and even their English classes
• Feeling stressed about their upcoming exams
Alternatively, if your child is doing well in their English classes, but really wants to excel, I can provide the time and attention needed to ensure they reach their maximum potential.

Why learn English with Michael Drayton?

If you’re looking for private English tuition in Bromley, my services offer a range of benefits, including:
• No distractions- My English tuition is one-to-one, ensuring your child suffers no distractions or interruptions.
• Focus on weak areas- As I can provide the attention your child needs, I can identify the strengths and weaknesses of my students and tailor my English tutoring accordingly.
• Attention to detail- I have the ability to pay attention to the minute details of your child’s English curriculum, ensuring that we cover every element of the subject and leave nothing out.
To find out what other parents think about my private tuition services, check out my testimonials page. For more information about private English tuition or to book your child’s private English tuition session, call 0800 928 8306 or contact me today.

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