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There’s no denying the importance of a maths; a maths qualification is essential for most entrance exams and jobs. A good pass of a C or above at GSCE is what many employers will be looking for, but getting the grade is easier said than done.
For those that don’t have a way with numbers or are looking to push themselves to get a higher grade in exams, it can be hard work, but more than worthwhile for both their academic studies and future careers
As a maths tutor, I offer the chance for the most challenging of mathematical topics to be unravelled and understood.
Those that can truly benefit from a maths tutor will show signs such as:
• Falling behind in class
• Getting bad grades
• Not reaching their potential
• Finding homework difficult
• Avoiding homework
• Feeling stressed about exams
Through one-on-one teaching, my tutorials will provide a personal and in-depth approach to learning, so as to significantly increase confidence.
Alternatively, if your child is doing well in their Math classes, but really wants to excel, I can provide the time and attention needed to ensure they reach their maximum potential.

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Here is an Example of a Typical 11+ Mathematics 


There are 65 passenger seats on a bus to Bromley. The bus starts off empty. At the first stop, 13 people get on. At the second stop, 15 people get on and 4 get off. At the third stop, 20 people get on and 5 get off. At the last stop 24 people get on and 9 get off. How many of the seats on the bus remain empty when bus arrived in Bromley?
(Answer: 11)
To find out what I can do for you or your child, don’t hesitate to get in touch! You can call me free on 0800 9788306 or contact me online.
“Cavan was struggling with his Maths at School, and was under the expected level for his age group. Within weeks we found that Cavan was far more confident with his Maths. Although he was predicted to get a level 3 in his Maths SATS exam, he achieved a level 4, and vastly improved in other academic studies. Most notably, Cavan’s self-confidence has improved dramatically.”
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