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Verbal Reasoning Tuition Bromley

Verbal reasoning is about questions such as:
Jump is to (high, long, up) as crouch is to (cower, down, hunch)
The child has to find two words, one from each group, that complete the sentence. The answer to this example is up and down.

Non – Verbal Reasoning Tuition Bromley

Non-verbal Reasoning tests the ability to identify patterns. The question might ask the child to complete a sequence of numbers, for example: 23, 19, 15, 11, 7, (___).
The answer to this example is 3 (subtract 4 each time).
Non-verbal Reasoning tests are designed to examine problem solving ability regardless of English knowledge. Spatial awareness plays a big part and some children have natural skills in this. For those that don’t, I teach the techniques.
Getting to grips with Verbal and Non-verbal Reasoning can be challenging for many and I have a wealth of experience in helping children get to grips with the techniques needed. My aim is to bring out the underlying abilities of the child, enabling them to succeed in the full range of questions they are likely to meet.
Contact me now or call me free on 0800 978 8306 to find out what I can do for your child.
“Our son Calvin attempted the Bexley 11+ exams but failed. We discovered Michael Drayton’s tutoring and Michael quickly improved his performance. He passed the test in Non-verbal Reasoning for Haberdashers’ Aske’s with flying colours, achieving 100%. His school teachers are so impressed with him because he is achieving 100% in his tests at school. Thank you Michael, I will definitely use your tutorials again and recommend you to other parents.”
– David

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